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Image: from Wild Style

Born from the hip-hop module taught by Will Edmondes (aka Gustav Thomas) at Newcastle University, the Hip-Hop Cinema screenings aim to showcase the community of artists and fans dedicated to the music’s culture and essence.

Screening films in the ballroom space of Culture Lab, which boasts a big screen and excellent sound system, Will endeavours to discover the origins, culture and impact of the genre through cinema.

Films being screened for the 2016 season have been selected with a variety of different priorities in mind. From the early classics like Wild Style (Tuesday 2nd February), Style Wars (Tuesday 16th February) and Free Style (Tuesday 23rd February), which offer a superb introduction to the music and culture of hip-hop; to the films which can be considered as being part of the wider culture of hip-hop generally, like Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and She’s Gotta Have It (both screened on Tuesday 9th February). Documentaries are also included in the season, which help illuminate and underline the political and racial dimension in hip-hop culture, like The Black Power Mixtape, The House I Live In (both screened on Tuesday 1st March) and 3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets (Tuesday 26th April). Of course there are also films that just celebrate the music – Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (Tuesday 19th April), Wave Twisters, Looking For The Perfect Beat (both Tuesday 12th April) and The Carter (Tuesday 3rd May). Each film is preceded by a short introduction.

For the full listings, check out their Facebook page.

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