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Wednesday, January 27

The February issue of NARC. is out now


MY YEAR: Star & Shadow Cinema

Wednesday, December 30


A selection of photos from narc's photographers


James Hattersley discovers a brutally honest release filled with a monumental anguish from singer and multi-instrum… https://t.co/6hrOIDNPS1
Kate Murphy discovers an instantly likeable track from @WildSpelks https://t.co/psKEejAvL1
Cloaked in secrecy, a pair of strikingly minimal releases mark the debut for North East musician Infinite Arcade https://t.co/LnHoKf9vPZ
VIDEO INTERVIEW: @blowessmith talks to Ivor Pop from Darlington pre-pop folk band Bubamara about their novel way of… https://t.co/f3mI4QRIbm
We catch up with Sunderland's soaring-indie outfit @noyoumusic to find out more about them and their latest single,… https://t.co/MlVq9CN9yH
Newcastle alt. rockers @afestaparade unveil their newly expanded EP https://t.co/s4KxjJdcIc
Paul Broadhead reviews the new release from ‘supergroup’ The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries https://t.co/1nCM6ChuAi
Mark Corcoran-Lettice (@merepseudmcl) discovers an anxious doom-laden and visceral release from @BlanckMass https://t.co/VyKhly1fb1
Tyneside art rock band @maximopark return with a new album this month; @leighvenus talks to @paulsmithmusic about n… https://t.co/JdpXhhb3By
Flamboyant art-rocker @TheMXYM attempts to capture the essence of his latest single using three other songs in our… https://t.co/1MWLhpQL8o


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