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INTERVIEW: Star and Shadow Cinema Microprojects

Monday, April 12

Louise Henry talks to a few of the creatives at the heart of the Star And Shadow Cinema’s inspirational Microprojects initiative


MY YEAR: Star & Shadow Cinema

Wednesday, December 30


A selection of photos from narc's photographers


Newcastle songwriter and producer @pete_beat releases his debut release this month https://t.co/5omRyuYUVx
Singer-songwriter Brass Monkey - @funkmonkeymetal tells us what inspired his latest single, Another Day. https://t.co/tSDWQHz2gJ
Cameron Wright talks to producer-turned-songwriter Patrick Jordan about finding joy in collaboration on his new alb… https://t.co/WROD8X4CJo
We find out all we can about Amateur Ornithologist - @danielclifford6, the birdwatching music maker from South Shie… https://t.co/he7cifgt4D
Lithuanian-born, Newcastle-based musician @ecota_'s debut EP is full of lo-fi indie and dream-pop vibes https://t.co/yK7CEKf8at
Durham-based Elysium theatre company release five new online plays of their award winning The Covid-19 Monologues. https://t.co/4q37AO3Z8v
Find out more about @nadedjamusic’s track on our annual birthday compilation album https://t.co/77TmvLvSGK
With lockdown lifting and beer gardens opening the singer-songwriter @MickyyGall, who releases his third single, Ca… https://t.co/NnBTPwgLmp
Maria Winter discovers an impressive album of hard-hitting sounds from Sheffield metal band @whileshesleeps https://t.co/YB3NcUyFYt
Damian Robinson discovers an album of cosmic country rock and beautiful melodies from Cory Hanson https://t.co/odZpeHwAUw


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