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See our submission guidelines if you’d like to be included in the magazine or website. You can also sign up to our mailing list by filling in the below form.

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We love hearing from musicians, artists, film and theatre makers, comedians and anyone involved in North East culture. Here’s a few tips on how to send us info on your project:

✅ Have everything ready before you get in touch – finished music, a clear idea of your project, dates for an event or activity etc.

✅ Tell us about what you’re doing – send a press release, or even just a brief overview of your activity. Don’t forget a high resolution image!

✅ Keep our deadlines in mind – we only include activity taking place in the relevant month, and we work at least 8-6 weeks ahead for the magazine and at least 2 weeks ahead for the website. For example: got a single coming out/art exhibition/comedy show/theatre production in July? Send us the info by the end of May at the latest