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Hip-Hop may be best known as a music genre, but for many became a way of life, a cultural movement and its influence is felt across the arts to this very day. Culture Lab celebrates the subculture and art movement’s influence on cinema with screenings of several films throughout this month.

Tuesday 13th February welcomes a double bill of Secondhand Sureshots and Sonic Outlaws. The former is a captivating documentary film featuring four amazing, LA-based beat makers, while the latter of the double bill sees filmmaker Craig Baldwin examine multimedia plagiarism and copyright infringement.

This is the Life arrives on Tuesday 20th February, which chronicles the alternative hip-hop movement that flourished in 1990s Los Angeles and its legendary center, the Good Life Cafe. Dennis Hoppers’ Colors is on Tuesday 27th February with the police action film a riveting watch. The same day you can also see the iconic and legendary Boyz N Th’ Hood, with director John Singleton making a film that stands up as an all time great and unflinchingly honest film.

The whole season comes to a close on Tuesday 6th March with a documentary about American hip-hop recording artist Dwayne Michael, as The Carter draws the curtain on a very special film season.

Hip-Hop Cinema is at Culture Lab, Newcastle every Tuesday until Tuesday 6th March.

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