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The creator of upcoming, gritty Tyneside drama, Moreland’s Firm, which features the likes of Stephen Tompkinson and Lesley Saint-John, Craig Conway and Vicky Hawkins, as well as the writer and voice behind its title track, Until I Do (released on 28th November), Whitley Bay writer, Danny Cox, gives us an exclusive insight to his inspirations for both the drama, and the music. 

The son of Professional Darts Corporation founder, Tommy Cox, who passed away a year ago, Danny has made a name for himself in events promotions, both at home, and abroad, over the past fifteen years – which is roughly the same length of time it’s taken him to get Moreland’s Firm off the ground.

He spoke to us about the inspiration behind his drama ahead of its inaugural and sold out viewing at VUE Gateshead on the 28th November.

“I first had the idea for Moreland’s Firm in my mid-teens, in fact, I actually wrote an initial draft of it when I was about 15-years-old and I had the working title of ‘Toon Armies,  Since then I have redrafted and built up new characters into my 20’s when the title was actually changed to what it is now, Moreland’s Firm.

To be honest, I have had no writing education to speak of although a past-time of mine is to sit and read scripts for my favourite movies and it’s from those that I get a feel of how different people would present their story. I honed my script-writing from there really.

My love of the screen, big or small, has been ever-present in my life stemming from my Mother bringing me up on the comedy of Steptoe and Son, Laurel and Hardy and the Carry On movies, to a fascination with the Gangster genre. I loved the Godfather movies, Donnie Brasco, The Sopranos etc.  

Wanting to write, Moreland’s Firm was very natural; you never think that this will get made or someone will read this though, it was more of an outlet for me. I find creative writing to be very therapeutic, whether it be for screen or for a song.

Now, I’m finding It wonderful, yet surreal, to see characters that have lived inside your mind, my mind, for twenty years, actually come to life and it has been a real honour to be able work so closely with Craig Conway, Stephen Tompkinson, Lesley Saint-John, everyone; the whole Cast and Crew have been fantastic. After this, then it’s all about now taking the project to the next level in 2020 and getting into your living rooms…”

If creating a play, or drama, wasn’t difficult enough, Danny penned the lyrics to the title track, Until I Do, which will raise funds for the Marie Curie Hospice in Elswick and has relit the fire of song-writing again.

“My first love is, of course, music after I inherited my Dad’s love for good ol’ rock n’ roll. I actually fronted and wrote for a band called ‘The Cheap Suits’ that consisted of myself, my older brother and my cousin with a couple of additions.  

We actually had varying degrees of success and would pretty much take any gig just to get by, opening for Roy Chubby Brown on the odd occasion to writing the theme for the Afghan Heroes charity.  

I even signed a song-writing publishing deal with DSM Producers way back when and was fortunate to gig in all of the legendary New York City venues, especially down the Village, performing on the same stages as Springsteen and Hendrix etc.  

But it wasn’t to be and I was far too immature to even realise the opportunity that had been presented to me until, before you know it, you’re two years off and 40 wondering what happened to the last 15 years of your life.

In recording the track, Until I Do, for Moreland’s Firm, it has reignited those musical fires. I managed to call on some old friends to come and record with me so we have Katie Cowie, Liam Fender, Smoove, Johnny ‘Blue Hat’ Davis, Si Stephenson, Michael Bailey and Jason Osborne on the record and Matt Hall from Little Comets is producing the track.  

It was great to be back in that studio environment, so much so that there’s now a fantastic, live project coming at you next year. It will be good to be performing live again.”

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