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Irish stand-up comedian Jimeoin has had huge success over recent years, with his unique observations and view of the world a major hit as huge tours, TV appearances and well received shows seem a regular fixture. The comic lives in Australia, but touring gives him a chance to the UK, and he’ll be visiting Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and Opera House on Friday 5th February with new show Yeehaa!

So, you’ve just started the Australian leg of this tour, how have the first few shows been? 

Just about to do one of two shows back to back in Noosa Queensland. That’s it for Oz then off to Scotland -10 degrees. Whose idea was this?

What can we expect from this new show?

Hypothermia probably.  A good laugh would be nice. In fact that is it. You will be none the wiser at the end of the show.

How does this show evolve, from the first few initial ideas to the point you take it on tour?

I write the show before Edinburgh and then get all the wrinkles out of it over the run. Then go on tour.

Do you find there’s much difference  between Australian audiences and audiences in the UK and Ireland?

One thing I can say about my audiences is that they are very disloyal. If they find someone funnier they just clear off. People are people man. Laugh at the same stuff and cry about the same stuff.

What inspires you?

Other comics who aren’t as good as me getting bigger audiences. Really gets me going.

What makes you laugh the most?

Other comics who are better than me who get smaller audiences.

What’s your favourite thing about touring?

The money. No. Let me think?  No, it’s the money.

What’s the thing that keeps you doing comedy?

It’s my favourite thing.

What would you say is different from the comedian you started out as in the 90s and the one you are now?

Funnier now. You get better at it the longer you do it. I work at it. I also had more hair.

And what’s stayed exactly the same?

The jokes. No. I’m just having a bit of laugh now. Try and go out and have a laugh and that’s what it has always been about.

And finally, what have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Couple of trips back to the UK. Finish this book I am reading. Get fit and stop drinking as much. We will see.

Jimeoin brings new show Yeehaa! to Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle on Friday 5th February.

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