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It has to be hard work being Brian Blessed.

To be on the inside looking out and finding yourself across the years variously wearing wings and being swung from the ceiling by your nether regions, chasing Sir John Gielgud around demanding his arse, or sitting shivering in a tent near the peak of Everest hosting a human turd on your shoulder – at times even finding yourself in front of her majesty the Queen relaying the Everest-based hot tod tale – must surely be a rare thrill.
As tiring as it all sounds, the beauty is there to be mined, and we can ascribe some of (should-be-Sir) Brian’s longevity to seeing the gold in all things; the child-like wonder of Flash Gordon, the thrill of a working-class lad treading the boards with legends, the shooting stars poff-poffing into snow on moonlit slopes.

Brian Blessed is a man afraid of nothing; a force of will personified, a wraith who sets his sights on a goal and writes it in his soul before going out there and ‘getting the bastard’. A mesmerising raconteur with anecdotes to spare and a life fit for ten people behind him who still finds time to look at the stars in childlike wonder, his best years undoubtedly still ahead.


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