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We caught up with comedian Tom Little ahead of him previewing his new show in Gosforth at the Brandling Villa on Monday 23rd July.

So, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? 
I’m a stand-up comedian you won’t have heard of. But I am a comedian though. I’ve won an award and everything. I’m doing a show called Look, It’s Tom Little, Alright? at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe in August but before that I’m doing a preview of it in South Gosforth on the 23rd July. And you’re invited. 

What’s the first record you ever bought? 
I’m always suspicious of anyone who claims to have bought a cool first record. You didn’t like Kraftwerk when you were seven. Who are you trying to kid? The first record I bought was by the The Smurfs because I was a child.

What’s your guilty pleasure musically? 
I’m genuinely ashamed of how much I sincerely un-ironically like U2. I’m more embarrassed about that than I am about liking The Smurfs, which doesn’t embarrass me at all.

Favourite film of all time? 

Your guilty pleasure film? 
Nothing springs to mind. Sorry.

If you could recommend one TV series to binge watch, what would it be? 
I’m willing to stick my neck out and say publicly that I think Parks and Recreation is good.

Your favourite book? 
All of Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole books. 

Who or what makes you laugh the most? 
Grown men on skateboards falling down flights of stairs and really properly hurting themselves. 

Who or what makes you sad? 
That time I fell off a skateboard down a flight of stairs and really properly hurt myself. 

If you had super power, what would it be? 
I suppose being able to teleport is more useful than being able to fly but I’d still pick being able to fly for some reason.

And finally, you get to play a board game with any three famous people from history, who do you choose and what’s the board game?
I’d play Warhammer Quest with Syd Barrett, Robin Williams and Jonathan Swift. I mean, I’m not that bothered about Jonathan Swift but I feel like I’d be missing an opportunity if I didn’t pick someone from the proper olden days. 

Tom Little brings his new show to Brandling Villa, Gosforth on Monday 23rd July.

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