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So, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
We’re Badger, we being me, Chris, and him, Sim. As a general rule, we spend around 95% of our time procrastinating, soaking up the ambience, smiling at strangers, living life to the full. Wholesome kinda stuff. The other 5% is spent trying to remember how the f*&k that synth line was played, or catching that bass line in its natural form. Shit. Trying to answer this question is difficult. Just listened back to one of our tracks and I can’t even tell who does what. NEXT!

What’s the first record you ever bought?
C: Top of the Pops ’98, for the renegade master.
S: Sum 41 – All Killer No Filler. A decision I stand by to this day.

What’s your guilty pleasure musically?
C: La Dispute’s First album and earlier EP’s, although I don’t really regret it.
S: Sum 41, as I said, no regrets, not even a little bit guilty.

Favourite film of all time?
C: Withnail & I
S: yeah, same actually

Your guilty pleasure film?
C: Mean Girls. I remember skipping Law in sixth form to watch Snatch on my mate’s iPod, only when we got to the study room to hide, he’d picked up his sisters iPod by accident and the only film on it was Mean Girls. 100% would watch again.
S: Flight of the Navigator – it always seemed to be on ITV whenever I was on the sick from school, it’s pretty awful.

If you could recommend one TV series to binge watch, what would it be?
C: I suck at TV! I still haven’t finished Breaking Bad. I like Ray Mears. I bet he’d be great to share a pint with.
S: Does the Big Lez show count?

Your favourite book?
C: Captain Correlli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres. Avoid the film at all costs.
S: Probably Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K Dick, but any of his books really, they pretty much all involve taking space-age drugs and fighting some kind of creeping fascism. The many film adaptations don’t do it justice either

Who or what makes you laugh the most?
C: Monty Python. That every sperm is sacred song from The Meaning of Life is what I sing to myself when I need that little extra something to get through the day.
S: My cat falling off things

Who or what makes you sad?
C: Whatever make’s Simeon sad. I’m reactive like that
S: aww, shucks.

If you had super power, what would it be?
C: The ability to turn every pint I drank in to Jakehead IPA, in order to bring parity to all pints. (I promise I have no affiliation with Wylam, however if anyone from Wylam is reading this and wants to endorse my comments then slide in to my DM’s, just not the cherry red ones.)
S: I would like 20/20 hindsight – oh wait in hindsight, I already have that.

And finally, you get to play a board game with any three famous people from history, who do you choose and what’s the board game?
C: I’d play Kerplunk (that’s a board game right??) with Albert Einstein, Ezra Pound and Hunter S Thompson. I’m hoping Albert would have the technique down, he’d probably have a formula figured out in no time. I’d watch him carefully and be the best at Kerplunk from that game onwards. I’d hound Ezra to edit everything I’d ever written, and well, Hunter’s there for the after party (everyone has a post-kerplunk blow out right?)
S: Risk, with Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun and Alexander the Great. I think I’ve played enough Age of Empires to have a handle on that.

Badger release new EP Seize Warfare on Friday 29th June.

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