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Duo Badger have had notable BBC 6Music airplay on Tom Robinson’s show and Sleaford Mods’ Artist Takeover of Iggy Pop’s show. Opening this four-track EP, Executive Outcome invites comparisons with early Ministry (circa Twitch) or Micro-Phonies-era Cabaret Voltaire, although there’s no mistaking the North East accented vocals, delivered in almost Mark E. Smith-like declamatory tones.

Second track Goats and Bows continues the witty but incisive socio-political theme to the lyrics. Musically, the track has a softer, woozier feel with a subtle but rather lovely melody. One With The Crab People features an urgent, near-industrial hip-hop backing and closing track Savage Discourse increases the tension with a steadily ascending melody mirroring the intense vocal delivery. Catch them live at Little Buildings, Newcastle on Friday 3rd February.

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