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If there’s a hornet’s nest to be poked, it’s pretty much nailed on that Legitimate Anarchy‘s Endem will be there with a massive stick to start jabbing at it. So it was with last year’s scene-shaking King of the North; a single that caused both positive and negative reactions/ructions within the North East’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. That said, if you’re going to give it out, you’d better be able to back it up and his latest adventure amply demonstrates his ability to do just that.

Heralding the beginning of Legitimate Anarchy as a bona fide record label in its own right, Strictly For Promo features Endem show-reeling his ability to rap over a variety of different musical styles, from Drake style and double time, to intricate punchline rap and storytelling.

Highlights from the record include the aggressive don’t-give-a-fuck anthem Couldn’t Care Less, the aspirational Icon, and the guitar-laden homage to excess that is Wave Hi to Charlie.

Legitimate Anarchy play the Beatbox stage at Darlington’s Music Box Festival on Sunday 11th June.

The EP is available for free download from Soundcloud now.


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