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Over the past couple of years Legitimate Anarchy have been flying the flag for North-East hip-hop. Starting out as just a grime-based duo, they have grown to become a fully fledged label based in Darlington and home to some of the most talented rap and grime acts in the North-East. They’re not afraid to shake things up a bit (check out their King Of The North diss track), but then they’re also really good at bringing the scene together with their communal Northern League cyphers and takeover event programming. One of the driving forces behind the label is the innovative storyteller and hard-hitting rapper, Endem. We caught up with him to find out more about their stage at this year’s Last Train Home Festival.

How long has Legitimate Anarchy Records been going? Who have you released, or plan to release, via the label?
Officially? Erm, two years give and take a couple months. Unofficially, three maybe four as ‘bedroom rappers’. Myself (Endem) has been the core of LA for a long time, with Leum as a secondary, however now we’ve branched out and are managing five artists, inclusive of myself. Rex (Regis) we’ve already released with his album ‘Parting Gift. Matt aka King Tigaro is in his release month (August) with the first single going well above expectations already and E-Mence has an upcoming full size project, so yeah. All very exciting sir.

What do you think of the North-East hip-hop/grime scene?
When I first looked and came in myself it was a lackluster bunch of lads all wanting the spotlight. Now everybody seems to have realised success isn’t achieved alone and everyone is working towards the same goal, bar the odd few. Building the region as a scene, sharing each others stuff and getting involved in projects, seemingly wishing the best for each other. On the whole, it’s on the rise. 

You’ll be programming a stage as well as performing on it. Can you tell us where it is at and give us a flava of what you’ve got planned?
It’s recently changed from Legacy Skate Store to The Hullabaloo I believe. Plan wise, your average Hip-Hop madness. Bunch of lads rhyming obscenities, getting drunk and generally having a good time! Last year was a proper buzz, so I’m hoping everyone comes like that again and pops it off. 

Why has the Darlington music scene taken off these past few years?
An influx of talent certainly has come along hasn’t it. It was almost non-existent when we first started, now there’s so many great musicians doing all sorts of awesome things in and around the town. Such a great thing to watch unfold. 

Is there a non-hip-hop act that you are looking forward to seeing at Last Train Home?
PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS. I haven’t seen any of their shows but the repetition of the word Pigs has me fully hooked already. 

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