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Darlington hip-hop label Legitimate Anarchy have been recruiting some of the best rappers in the region recently to create a remarkably talented roster. After releases from Endem, Leum and Rex Regis, LA are ready to roll out the red carpet for King Tigaro and his Rosé EP.

Last year King Tigaro reintroduced himself to the local hip-hop circuit with his self-released Merkury EP. After making a cameo appearance during Liam Hope’s set at the 2018 incarnation of Last Train Home festival, Tigaro met Endem, laying the groundwork for the pair to work together.

Tigaro remarks that working with Endem and Legitimate Anarchy has been refreshing. “Working with like-minded artists that share the same motivation and vision has really pushed me to a new level. It’s exactly what I expected from Endem,” he says of the label boss, “he’s made for this business and truly cares about the artists involved in Legitimate Anarchy. He was there for every studio session, every gig and would always go the extra mile to ensure this project went as smoothly as possible.”

The EP has been a labour of love for all involved. “There’s definitely added pressure because people have invested their time and money into this project, so I want it to succeed. I think this type of pressure is a positive thing, I’m no longer doing this for myself.”

Tigaro credits musicians like Tupac, Bob Dylan, Nirvana and Astroid Boys among his influences, as well as the soundtrack to Sonic The Hedgehog 3. “I find inspiration in the most unusual places.” He concedes.

I find inspiration in the most unusual places

The EP starts with frantic energy switching from quick-paced electro to dark guitar-driven instrumentation in the opening tracks, to more boom-bap based beats towards the close. While the soundscape evolves, the personal nature of the lyricism is a constant throughout, with mentions to relatives and hyper-local geographical references.

Lead single More Than Friends proves the highlight, and it’s a song which means a lot to King Tigaro. “More Than Friends is a love song I made for my girlfriend, a song that has been fifteen years in the making. It’s more than a song it’s a piece of history, and alongside the video it’s by far my proudest achievement in my music career.”

For live performances it’s a different story though. “I have to say my favourite is RAW. I love the energy and aggression in that song and people always comment on it afterwards.”

Since signing with Legitimate Anarchy, Tigaro has gone on to become a regular booking for hip-hop events, despite only picking up a mic last year. “The performances I’ve done recently haven’t made me change anything about my current project but I’ve definitely learnt things that will help shape the next one.”

The Rosé EP is released on 31st August. King Tigaro performs at Darlington’s Last Train Home Festival on Saturday 7th and Soapbox Sessions at Hole In The Wall, Darlington on Sunday 15th September



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