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L-R King Tigaro, Nathan ‘Endem’ Miller, E-Mence by Rob Irish

Darlington’s Endem burst onto the hip-hop scene as part of rap trio Legitimate Anarchy. Ruffling a few feathers in his debut year, after the group split the MC continued solo and turned LA into a label. Since then, Nathan ‘Endem’ Millar has grown into a key figure pushing the region’s rappers, and Legitimate Anarchy has evolved into a powerhouse rap imprint.

One of the label’s original figures, Jonny Keay, moved on from Legitimate Anarchy earlier this year among a wave of personnel changes and Endem has had to carry the workload himself. “The workload for me obviously increased, however with me working full time alongside running the label I knew I had to be organised. I now create schedules and plan ads on a weekly basis rather than at the time, so my job doesn’t affect my other job.”

Endem isn’t short of talented friends willing to help him out though. “Rob Irish has been instrumental to our recent growth. Me and Rob have been friends a while and I knew he loved the label so working with him more and integrating him into LA just happened naturally.”

The pair are both key figures in Darlington’s growing festival scene with Music Box and Last Train Home continuing to be among the best all-dayers in the region. Through Legitimate Anarchy, Endem has curated hip-hop focused stages for both. “I love to watch the town grow and as we know in recent years it’s done just that. Every year I’m able I will contribute in that respect.”

It’s all the rage I needed out, burned onto a disc

The rapper and label boss is also putting on his own stand-alone events. On Friday 20th December Endem will be performing at Avalon in Darlington alongside label mates E-Mence, King Tigaro and Rex Regis with special guests Shakk, Eyeconic, Freddy, RuMaz and Jay R Dream Chaser. The event is acting as a triple release party for King Tigaro and E-Mence alongside Endem’s upcoming Lost Soul EP. Unfortunately, as part of the ever-changing nature of Legitimate Anarchy records, Endem’s former producer partner Leum is not involved in this project. “Sam has taken a step away from music and given what we went through, it’s understandable.” Endem is referring to the turbulent time they had during the creation and release of 2018 opus Anarchy Is Religion, with personal strife, some creative differences and general music industry wear-and-tear all playing a part in a harsh time for the label. Apparently this has contributed to creating a “dark” tone for the EP.

The EP is perhaps best summed up by Endem himself on Turn The Psycho Up as he raps “conscious rap, I’m off of that, sorry fans but the knobhead’s back.” While his previous effort often addressed God, Lost Soul is the dark side of the rapper, with imagery more resonant of hell than heaven. With visceral horrorcore-style depictions a constant throughout with production ranging from E-Mence’s synonymous style to Logic/Joyner Lucas type beats.

“After the events that occurred during Anarchy Is Religion I never really got a chance to vent. This EP was that chance. It’s all the rage I needed out, burned onto a disc. It’s totally different to anything I’ve done in two years. I’m not a million per cent sure whether people will like it but I needed it out that way so, enjoy it or not, that’s how it is.”

Endem plays Avalon, Darlington on Friday 20th December.


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