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Newcastle rapper Rex Regis’ retirement lasted about as long as Loki in Infinity War. In his time away from releasing music, Rex has been spending more time nurturing the younger acts within the North East hip-hop scene. A musical father figure to many, Rex has been running Chat Trust showcases at Newcastle’s O2 Academy featuring some of the brightest up and comers in the region.

At the latest Chat Trust showcase headlined by Kema Kay, Rex performed a surprise set and announced a new single, Third Time’s A Charm. He insists he is “still officially retired” but accepts “it was never a full retirement.”

“I didn’t get no pension payments etcetera, I’ve never really planned on doing music for myself. I always prefer working with others. I only do it for myself when the moment hits me.”

It would appear a few moments have hit Rex lately; the rapper has also recently released the Sinister Six posse cut featuring Leddie MC, 90BRO, Max Gavins, Reali-T and Kay Greyson. The multi-MC collaboration was inspired by Rex’s passion for superheroes, something he mentions on Third Time’s A Charm.

I’ve never really planned on doing music for myself. I always prefer working with others

While Bert and Ernie argue about favourite numbers on Sinister Six samples, it’s no secret the number three is significant to Rex Regis. From tattoos to album titles, and now the fact that this is the third time a rapper based in the North East has used the same beat produced by Syndrome. “He’s [Syndrome] always had great beats. I had that particular beat for about two years before even using it, to the point where both Smooth Jezza and Sutherland have separate tracks on the same beat. So the idea for the title comes from that.”

Adding to the theme of thirds and threes, Rex raps “Try name a top three without mentioning me” on Third Time’s A Charm. “I’ve been told I’m top three. In recent years I’ve kind of averaged out in people’s top threes, from an overall standpoint to album releases. If I had to pick my own top three? I’d have Rick Fury, Just B and Chattabox.”

The Newcastle rapper has made no secret of the influence of Rick Fury, Chattabox and the rest of Dialect have had on his own career, as well as his love for Just B. While we’re yet to see an appearance from Chattabox or Just B, Rick Fury is lined up for a slot at the next Chat Trust showcase.

The next Chat Trust showcase at O2 Academy takes place on Friday 20th July, and will feature Rick Fury, Ill Prepared, E-Mence and Max Gavins with more acts to be announced.

Tickets cost £6 because, if nothing else, Rex likes to commit to his numbers. Let’s hope he doesn’t commit to this retirement malarkey so loyally. I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not gonna get more Running The Yard’s and Not From Round Here Wor Kid’s.

Rex Regis releases Third Time’s A Charm on 1st June.


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