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Released: 24.05.19







Opening track 1996 is everything you’d expect from Plastic Mermaids in one song: a mish-mash of pop culture, social commentary and humour backed by a cacophony of melody that leads you in one direction and then unexpectedly sends you off somewhere else.

Yoyo’s spoken word sections twinkle along merrily in what you think is just going to be a nice little filler track. Wrong. As a glorious choir ascends, fades away, then assaults your ears with such beauty, you’re left feeling guilty for making such a naïve assumption.

This is an album full of deceiving complexity that takes you on a journey through orchestral emotion, electronic trickery, wide-eyed wonder and crafty musical sleight-of-hand, dropping you off at a destination that is an absolute joy to behold.


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