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Just forwarding “START” from Ross Harley (Yourcodenameis:milo / Tankengine) releases START the lead single from his debut EP, Daddy Clean (out via Sapien Records on 16th April). Recorded during lockdown on his mobile phone, the track is about “mental health, the effortlessness of joy, the power of love, the lure of myth and self-deception”.

We’re delighted to be given the first look at the video that accompanies the track. Here, Ross tells us more, “I’ve been playing in bands for 23 years now (Yourcodenameis:milo / Tankengine). I’ve been up and down and rinsed, chewed up, spat out and over the moon with it. I made records with Albini and Flood, toured America, headlined a festival in India, sold some t-shirts, saw other bands sell many more t-shirts, told an audience off for not clapping, been embarrassingly drunk onstage, spent hours waiting around, played jokes, had my feelings hurt, won an award that I’m sure was a fix, been a belligerent, bellicose bell-end and made friends for life.

“All of that brought me to this.

“This I did on my own. In and out of lockdown, while working full-time and parenting. My wife as my workmate across the hall, my 18 month-old daughter as the impatient, erratic boss. DADDY CLEAN is about that and everything else. It’s everything I can offer using only my own wits, an 8 track app on my phone and a discombobulator unit that allows me to get a sound from my guitar. It’s called an iZotope Spire Studio and I bought it because I was worried that I would get bored during the first lockdown. I think I ended up making an album because this device is so easy to use and because life slowed down enough to allow me to catch up. I’m fortunate, unlike so many, to have been largely shielded from the disaster that’s unfolded. I was gifted time. Hilariously, I wanted to use it in a wholesome way that I would be proud to tell my daughter about. I hate baking, I love reverb. Here we are.”

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