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Photo by Katy Gettings

Lockheed Lindsay (AKA Lindsay Hannon) is an artist who draws influence from prog rock, British folk and post–punk to create infectious and finely crafted songs that are lyrically intriguing.

Her latest release is Legacy, is a uke-driven ditty with soaring vocals, haunting harmonies and percussive augmentations that talks about an awareness of being monitored by some kind of force wanting to live our best lives.

Here, Lindsay tells us a little more about the song the ominous stop-motion visuals that accompany it…

“I wanted something that had an energy to it, the song is about a feeling of being followed or watched, but not by any human entity and not necessarily a malignant presence, just a heightened awareness, urging us to seize the day and to remember that the only real lasting legacy we have maybe our treatment of others.  I felt the stop-frame has a physicality to it, and the stills speak of the passage of time, skulls and so on. 
“I went over to a friend’s house and just played around with what was available on the day, the tent, the toy microphone, the dummy heads. I drew those together with the stop frame of a regular dog walk I take near my house and my multiple mis-spellings of the word ‘conscience’. Because I’m a terrible speller. 
“I’ve always loved stop frame animation, I think it can look variously comedic, or whimsical and alternatively very dark – and because of its very nature, the fact that it can look very ramshackle or homemade and for that not be out of place is ideal, as I am ramshackle and the videos are indeed, homemade! I’m working on more as we speak and I’m really enjoying the video-creating and editing process.
Having a creative outlet other than music has been brilliant, I’m enjoying the opportunity to explore visually what interests me, alchemical and classical images of myth and memento mori,  bookended by staged stills and unselfconscious video clips. The only annoying thing is the camera is very cheap and I can’t work out how to take the date off the shots, ha!”


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