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Living with Autism can often be a struggle for both the people affected and their loved ones, but it’s a relatively common issue that often gets overlooked in the world of cinema. X Plus Y is a moving film that gives an insight in to living with the condition, and the struggle that comes with being different, which starts on Friday 13th March at the Tyneside Cinema.

Loosely based on real life maths prodigy Daniel Lightwing and is inspired by director Morgan Matthews’ acclaimed documentary Beautiful Young Minds. Asa Butterfield plays Nathan, a young maths genius who has difficulty adjusting after the tragic death of the one person who understands him, his father. Nathan has a particularly complicated relationship with his mother Julie (Sally Hawkins) but thanks to Rafe Spall’s Mr Humphreys, an unconventional maths teacher, the two gradually begin to heal their broken relationship. Nathan manages to win a place representing Great Britain at the International Mathematics Olympiad where he faces the most unexpected and irrational challenge of all, falling in love.

Although Butterfield doesn’t say much in the trailer, you can’t help but feel drawn to his character and the plight he faces in dealing with seemingly ordinary problems. Beautifully shot in both the UK and Taiwan this heart-warming film promises to be clever, funny and deals well with the sensitive issues throughout.

X Plus Y starts screening at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 13th March.

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