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My Japanese is sketchy at best, but from the trailer I have seen I can confirm this film comes firmly from the rom com stable. It follows the life of a plucky young lad, Yuki, who didn’t cram enough in to those pesky cram schools and has ballsed up his uni entrance exams. He sees a pamphlet featuring a gorgeous girl advertising the less alluring profession of tree felling.

Thinking more of his wood than the kind rooted to the ground, our poor sap is drawn by the promise of meeting the mystery woman of his dreams. He is confronted instead by a beast of a foreman, who barks orders and cracks the whip, giving poor Yuki the shock of his life. Instead of (lumber) jacking it in though, he stands firm in his quest and learns some lessons along the way. The Japanese have a penchant for comedy, and this is a definite winner. Take advantage of the Japanese season and get along to the Tyneside Cinema to see how they do comedy in the Far East.

Wood Job! comes to the Tyneside Cinema on Sunday 15th March.

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