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In live-action modern fable White God, mixed-breed dog Hagen and thirteen year-old girl Lili are the best of friends, who find themselves cruelly torn apart when the Hungarian government imposes a mongrel fine. With Hagen abandoned, alone and scared on mean streets haunted by even meaner people, the formerly gentle pooch has to quickly learn how to look after himself in a world ran by cruel and apathetic humans, while Lili searches ceaselessly for her former companion.

With Hagen rising up to become a leader of the oppressed and unloved dogs populating the city, arthouse Rise of the Planet of the Apes labels are apt, but the film elevates itself well beyond any mainstream monkey mayhem that might bring to mind. A pointed sideways slant on the current state of the alienated and oppressed in Europe is just part of the mix in this gripping, visceral, and technically astonishing thriller, which marries initial realism with a series of astoundingly staged set pieces as the revolution by our former best friends unfolds. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival 2014 Un Certain Regard award for director Kornél Mundruczó, as well as the Palm Dog for best canine performance from Body as leader of the canine uprising.

White God comes to the Tyneside Cinema from Friday 13th March.

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