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Ever wanted to see Ryan Reynolds as a bit of a psychopath? You’re in luck as he takes the surprise lead in this loveable but loopy indie black comedy. The Voices focuses on Jerry, a seemingly ordinary man who works at a local factory and just wants to make friends. Taking the advice of his court ordered psychiatrist he pursues his crush on Fiona with disastrous consequences. The date goes badly, Jerry hits a deer on the road and then stabs Fiona to death, all the while apologising as he does so.

Jerry’s conscience comes in the form of his evil talking cat, Mr Whiskers, and his compassionate talking dog Bosco. We see Jerry struggle with his decision about which moral path he should take as Bosco tells him to turn himself in, whereas Mr Whiskers instructs him to avoid prison by cutting up the body and storing the head inside the fridge.

Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick are brilliantly cast as bombshell love interest Fiona and sweet, naïve Lisa whilst Reynolds provides the voices for Bosco and Mr Whiskers. Reynolds and The Voices seem to manage the impossible in making an audience feel almost empathetic towards Jerry, a lethally dangerous schizophrenic who just wants to live a more exciting life.

The Voices starts at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 20th March.

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