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A lot of people turn their nose up at silent cinema, thinking that it’s old fashioned and doesn’t represent what the film industry is all about today (Birdman did a brilliant send up of that attitude earlier in the year…) Perhaps, though, it’s because oral communication is such a large part of our lives that anything else feels alienating. Cannes Award winning Ukrainian film The Tribe deliberately strips itself of all oral communication to create a bizarre, wordless space in its world, where actions are everything.

Somewhere in Ukraine, Sergey enters a boarding school for the deaf; while there, he becomes inducted into what is known as The Tribe, a student gang dealing in crime and prostitution. After falling in love with another member of The Tribe, though, he slowly but surely breaks the unwritten rules of the cultish club, leading to some tragic consequences. This fascinating film by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky may not have any dialogue but its lack of sound makes it all the more compelling.

The Tribe begins screening at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 15th May.

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