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German film sometimes has a bit of a reputation for being a bit slow and pedestrian. Well, that’s a bit unfair really isn’t it? After all, alongside some of the more languid takes they’ve also produced some truly thrilling movies in the past few years… you might even call them Eurothrillers. The Silence, at the Tyneside Cinema on Monday 16th February, is a wonderful slice of Wallander-esque drama that cuts like a knife.

The debut film by director Baran Bo Odar, The Silence follows a week in the investigation of a murder. 23 years after a young girl is murdered and the killer never found, an identical crime scene appears. Convinced that history is repeating itself, a detective comes out of retirement to investigate the murder, determined to catch the perpetrator. The strain of the case soon creeps up on him though, as a taut and psychologically chilling narrative of betrayal unfolds. If you’ve liked the Eurothrillers season so far, The Silence is likely to be a major highlight.

The Silence comes to the Tyneside Cinema on Monday 16th February.

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