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The Rookery are a dab hand at taking over a space (Newcastle Castle, The Cluny 2, Hidden Heights) and turning it into somewhere that promotes and exudes creativity. With physical spaces out of bounds at the moment, the music collective has turned its focus to a takeover of the internet to offer a unique way of writing new music remotely in collaboration with other musicians from around the country or even the world.   

At the start of the month, the collective posted a minute-long drum track to their website, which was recorded by one of the collective’s founders Joey Swindells. They have been encouraging users to record and submit their own contributions to the track and each new addition to the track starts a virtual drum session, which is then added to until a fully fledged song is born. The hope is that at the end of the month, there will be multiple tracks, all of which sound completely different to one another and include contributions from a variety of musicians, instruments and influences. Then at the start of September, a new starter track will be uploaded and the process will start all over again!

Co-founder of The Rookery Robert Nugent describes the project as “our way of trying to recreate one of the most popular elements of our events on a safe, online platform and hopefully it’s something that can encourage contributors to embrace their musical creativity”. 

To listen to the original drum track and all the jam sessions that have spawned from it all you have to do is head to their website.

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