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Dark nights, third lockdown, the dawn of Brexit, a global pandemic, endless amounts of Mrs Brown’s Boys on TV; there’s very little to laugh about. The only smiles raised are those we do to ourselves in the mirror to acknowledge the dark and constant descent into madness before we retire to our bedroom to dress ourselves in the smart clothes we wore for our niece’s Christening back in 2018. But as you lay on our bed staring at the ceiling “that could really do with getting replastered,” in a tight fitting River Island outfit, consider reaching for your phone, tablet or laptop and try a bit of light relief from Felt Nowt’s Livestream Comedy Shows. Then maybe, just maybe, you can replace those tears that arise from repeated memory reruns of an encounter with a lost love in 2006 with a few LOLS that will have those who you live with hiding your Taxi Driver and The Joker DVDs, which you have recently reordered from Amazon in Blu-Ray format, just incase you have finally snapped.

Felt Nowt are a comedy company run by comedians for comedians that showcase the finest comedic talent around. Their live online shows are not filmed in the acts house, instead all the comedians are together (socially distanced of course), on a properly lit stage and, like in the old days before the world fell apart, the acts can see you on screen and talk to you.

The second of their Felt Nowt Fridays takes place on Friday 5th February and is jam packed with the comedy talents of David Hadingham, Gavin Webster, Simon Donald and Elaine Robertson all brought together by the sublime hosting skills of Hal Branson

Tickets are £10 per household and available here.

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