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North-East comedy collective, Felt Nowt are asking people to rummage in their attics for artefacts from the history of North East comedy to go on display as part of an exhibition of the region’s comedic heritage. Whether it be props, prints, programmes, tickets, costumes or whatever, your funny items are wanted for a showcase of comic curios from over a century of North East laughter. The exhibition will also seek to record attendees’ memories of North Eastern comedy to create an aural history of comic entertainment in the region.

Contributors also have the option to donate or lend their items to the Discovery Museum’s regional archive or as part of a first step towards a planned museum showcasing the rich history of comedy of the North East.

Felt Nowt’s show, Not Only Sid James Died In Sunderland is set to be performed at Bottleworks in Newcastle on July 13th and 14th and will tell the history of local comedy, including tales of the jester who was replaced by a monkey, the TWO local comedians with links to the Beatles, the comedian who was sentenced to death for being gay, the North East links to the Lincoln assassination and many more.

Felt Nowt comedian Lee Kyle adds: 

 “Felt Nowt is all about creating opportunities for the present and future of North East comedy, but we have a responsibility to preserve its past too. We all know Bobby Thompson, Sarah Millican and Rowan Atkinson but lesser-known figures like Wavis O’Shave, Ella Retford and Wee Georgie Wood also played a vital role in the cultural history of our region and it’s equally vital that we preserve and recognise their contribution.

“It’s about personal history as much as regional history – if you have a family member who contributed to North East comedy in any way, even as an audience member, this is the opportunity to preserve and showcase that contribution to the cultural life of our area forever.

“We’d also like people to tell stories of seeing comedy or meeting comedians, local comedians, the more obscure the better. We’re after posters, flyers, articles, programmes, letters, tickets… anything honestly!”

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