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Lee and David Productions launch Cathedral Of Comedy, a 500 capacity, monthly comedy event at the beautiful surroundings of Newcastle Cathedral. Each event features a top level comedian, with Irish comedian David O’Doherty, complete with support from Stefan Peddie, Anth Young, Kelly Edgar and MC Matt Reed, first up on 21st May.

Here, one half of L&D Productions, David Rickwood, tells us what inspired these events…

To discuss our inspiration for the Cathedral of Comedy you would have to know us both well. We bonded over the really silly and stupid comedy of the 90s and 00s, with movies like ‘The Master of Disguise’ and stand-up comedians like Ross Noble. In our 20s we both worked at a local comedy club in Newcastle, which never really felt like work as we got the chance to see some of the best comedians in the UK every night. 
Our inspiration for putting that experience into a beautiful building like Newcastle Cathedral is a selfish one. As we would really like to see the acts we are booking and to see them in such a unique and atmospheric setting is a privilege. Curating the event from the food vendors, to the bar, to the song the comedians will walk on to, is second only to asking some of the best UK Comedy Talent the UK has to offer to perform. 
We have wanted to work together since we were teenagers. We set up our first company called Bubble Trouble aged 14, we spent the summer washing cars door to door and we managed to save up enough money for a trip to York. This event is inspired by that first business in the way that we are approaching the work. We have simple aims to deliver amazing comedy in beautiful spaces. If we pay for another trip to York off the back of those aims then we will have done well. 

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