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Corobastos in Bogota, Colombia is one of the largest markets in South America, comprising of over 30 large storage warehouses, the same amount of trading areas and a massive 1,600 sale stands. Only open to the public on Sundays between dawn and around 10am, hundreds of people for across the social spectrum both work in and visit the market on a regular basis. The range of people that descend upon Corobastos makes it the perfect subject for a documentary, but filmmaker Juan DelGado goes one step further with his work The Flickering Darkness (Revisited).

The work, which is currently screening at the Tyneside Cinema’s Gallery, details the work undertaken at the market using a mixture of wide angle shots and close ups, used to document both the expansive nature of the market as well as the smaller stories embedded into its walls. DelGado’s use of editing lends the work an abstract edge, which is further enhanced by the film’s haunting industrial soundtrack. He beautifully contrasts the lives of the workers to the experience of patrons at fine dining restaurants, where some of the produce eventually goes. The film gives an insight into the everyday lives of some Colombians and provides an oblique social commentary on the gap between rich and poor in a country where social divides are there for all to see.

The Flickering Darkness (Revisited) runs at the Tyneside Cinema Gallery from Thursday 16th July until Sunday 6th September.

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