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Need an antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey? Like the idea of a slightly unsettling submissive relationship, but not told through the lens of Hollywood and its polished shimmer? Peter Strickland, the man behind Berbarian Sound Studio, might be able to help you. Strickland’s latest film The Duke of Burgundy shares certain things in common with EL James’ fetishistic novel but handles the subject matter in a much darker, more believable way. And that’s coming from a film that has some elements of magic realism in it.

Set in a world entirely devoid of men, a butterfly professor embarks on a disturbing and highly erotic relationship with her maid. Roleplaying as the dominant mistress and the submissive servant, their penchant for taking on roles pushes their already taut relationship to breaking point. It might all sound a bit too much like a scaled-down version of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, but Strickland fills the film with some genuine emotion and a fair bit of classy British wit. Softcore porn never came so artistic.

The Duke of Burgundy behind screening at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 20th February.

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