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Image: Beatrix Ward-Fernandez

Never has the term ‘underground’ been taken as literally as it has in the Sounds of the Underground programme. Taking place inside the Ouseburn’s Victoria Tunnel – the subterranean wagonway which winds under the city – Sounds of the Underground is a collection of totally unique musical performances from an eclectic range of artists.

Some intriguing performances have already taken place, but perhaps the most interesting yet happens on Saturday 13th July, as theremin and bass duo Beatrix Ward-Fernandez and John Pope join forces for what’s certain to be a masterclass in experimental soundscapes. Also of note, Atmospherica Underground play a 45-minute slot of spine-tingling piano ballads on Friday 16th August. The act is the brainchild of Steve Luck, who will be playing the entire performance in almost pitch black, making for a completely unconventional sensory experience. The contemporary classical composer has recently released a new single, Crescent Moon, which was inspired by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

For both performances all guests should meet at the entrance to the Tunnel on Ouse Street (just behind the Hotel du Vin). Once there, you’ll be in for an evocative night of entertainment that is sure to be a highlight of the North East’s summer calendar. If you’ve ever wanted to try something completely different, then the Sounds of the Underground could be exactly what you’re looking for.   

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