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Sleeptape have just released their latest single, Increments, which is taken from their soon to be released Lullaby EP, due out in November. Recorded at Blank with John Martindale the track, according to the band, is a song born out of oppressive friendships breaking down, feelings of abandonment and of re-invention. The title, Increments alludes to the steps taken to re-build; and to understand oneself after stripping away damaging social expectations. “Are you happy now?” remains unanswered, open to the listeners’ interpretation.”

Despite the title, the song bursts to life instantly with broad strokes of sound and anthemic o’s. The vocal engages the listener with a variety of deliveries from a post-punky, White Lies-esque verse to the pleading, falsetto tinged tones of the chorus and the soulful exclamation of, “your happy ever after, isn’t quite what you were looking for.” The choruses are big, satisfying and are filled with lashings of guitar and, although they act as a vocal hook, are probably good enough without so many o’s. However, that’s just a small gripe for what is a finely crafted piece of indie rock.


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