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Maius Mollie drops a brand new single, (I Was Not) Brave, a hauntingly melodic and gut-wrenching tale of love gone wrong. The track was produced by Blank Studios co-founder, and Pigs x7 guitarist Sam Grant and is part of an upcoming EP, out in Autumn, which was funded with support from Arts Council and Youth Music.

Here, Maius gives us a six of the best…

I used to be apologetic about writing so many sad songs. I sat on the fence and tried to “lighten up” my sets and gave disclaimers between tracks. The older I’ve got the more comfortable I become with it. I ultimately accepted that I won’t be for everyone, but my audience for sad bops is out there. Join the club if you like, we have snacks, blankets, and tissues!

Brave is a one part of a 5 track EP exploring loss, change, and grief. The EP will be out in Autumn so give me a follow to stay in the loop… I’ve joked that this track is kind of the love child of GAYLE’s ‘abcdefu’ and Billy Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ so I’m gonna chat about those tracks along with a couple of my fave break-up anthems.

GAYLE – abcdefu (2021)
This one doesn’t hold back. It’s angry and specific about what it’s angry about and there’s something really freeing about that. The F-bomb was fun and something that struck me as true to how I would actually use language day-to-day as opposed to more polished or poetic version of writing I’ve taken on in the past. As someone who has sang folk and choral music lots it was cathartic to be relatively messy in the writing and performance of ‘Brave’ while staying true to my voice.

Billy Eilish – Happier Than Ever (2021)
I’ve always had softer qualities to my upper range which can create the dreaded “sing up” request from sound techs who don’t know what to do with me. Seeing female singers like Eilish, Lana Del Ray, Phoebe Bridgers etc. have success and be beloved gave me confidence in this part of voice. Using the vulnerable parts of my voice along with a growing ability to belt and project I tried to use this to my strength in the story telling of ‘Brave’.

Snail Mail – Speaking Terms (2018)
My latest single, Feel It Hard, was compared to this track, funnily enough in a NARC. review from Emily Ingram: “if scream-crying the words to Speaking Terms by Snail Mail is your thing, you should probably check it out”. I loved this review so much. Partly because I found it a comical take, but also because it was pretty validating. It reminded me there are people out there who love sad, self-indulgent songs (including myself). ‘Brave’ is here for the stress-depressy babes out there who are crying out for more gloomy content.

Ben Howard – End of The Affair (2014)
This track has been a massive influence on both my debut single and the whole EP. Howard has really perfected the art of a heart breaking build in this song, particularly in the live version on Jules Holland back in 2014. This build is something I tested out in my first release and have carried through the recording of all all upcoming releases this year in different ways. It shows up in ‘Brave’ in a more literal way than it does in Howard’s track, starting with stripped back guitar and careering into a full on break down, before stripping back down to vocals and guitar. I wanted there to be a restrain in my voice at the end, in the way Howard does at the beginning of his. 

Avril Lavigne – Too Much To Ask (2002)
This one isn’t as much a direct influence and more a foundational throwback. Avril was the staple of teenage heartbreak, and she threw out a sort of arrogance and retaliation that can show up in our worst selves following a messy split. This was for sure in the era of watching my sister and her friend make up dance routines and videoing them on a Nokia brick phone. Avril’s pretentious punk attitude rubbed off on my a little and I was more for skulking off for a back lane cigarette with my iPod Classic.

Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie (2010)
Similarly to the above, this one is another 2000’s throwback with heavier undertones and bit more nuance to it, touching on loving someone you know isn’t good for you. I remember listening to this one in my late teens and thinking how it was brave to tackle the topic of Domestic Violence head on in a song and how it could really help some of her fans. I so hope Brave gives people a place to put difficult feelings in this way.




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