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Newcastle-based alt-rock and grunge band A New Nowhere drop their brand new single Neurotic. After the mesmeric opening riff, this latest offering becomes an all-out musical assault complete with powerful, driving beats, crunchy guitar shreds and expansive, and at times, euphoric vocals. The heavy parts to this track are used effectively and are nicely balanced by the crisp production, satisfying solos and rich, melodic vocals

The band will be launching the single with a show at Little Buildings on Friday 30th June. Ahead of that, they let us know their six of the best…

Linkin Park/Chester Bennington
I have many influences that I could name like Kurt Cobain, Aaron Lewis, Dave Grohl and so on, but for me the band that kicked off my interest in rock music had to have been Linkin Park. I still remember watching their music video ‘One Step Closer’ when it first came out in 2000 (I was eight at the time) and I absolutely loved it! Especially how great Chester was. I remember saying to my mother that I wanted his flame tattoos but unfortunately, I was ten years too young. I still remember getting ‘Hybrid Theory’ for Christmas the same year, and in the booklet, I learned and sang every lyric to every song. I was completely obsessed with this record. In my early teens, after my awakening to rock music, my brother Kev (lead guitarist for our band) influenced me to learn to play guitar. This led to me learning to write songs. Listening to Chester’s incredible vocals inspired me to also learn how to incorporate my own style of singing with my songwriting. His lyrics to me, especially in my mid-20s, were so relatable. I found comfort in those lyrics whilst I was in my extremely dark period with my mental health. I feel I am able to express my thoughts and emotions through the lyrics I write just like Chester had done.

In many of our songs, I have poured a lot of my emotions into the music and lyrics. ‘Neurotic’ is no exception. This song is extremely personal, and I hope others who feel they relate to the song will realise that they aren’t alone, just like Chester and Linkin Park did for me.
Mark (Lead Vocalist/Songwriter)

My main inspiration for learning to play guitar and to be involved with music was when I heard Nirvana for the first time at thirteen years old. I was immediately hooked by the powerful guitar sound and how the band worked as a unit and of course Kurt’s unique voice and lyrics. Twenty-plus years later I still have time to listen to their tracks and enjoy them just as much as I did back then.

The songwriting from this band was exceptional. They had the ability to bring out different emotions in myself whilst listening to the songs and to me that’s what songwriting is all about. They will always be a truly iconic band engraved in time for many generations to come.
Kev (Lead Guitarist)

Anything and Everything
Narrowing down influences and inspirations has always been a tricky one for me. I come from a musical family so basically from birth I’ve been surrounded by, and obsessed with music.

The influence and tastes of my Grandparents, Parents and older siblings provided me with an eclectic palate. From the guttural riffs of Black Sabbath, the innuendo-laced lyrics of Led Zeppelin and theatrics of Queen to the North-east folk of Vin Garbutt. And the sweet vocal Harmony of Simon and Garfunkel. From my Dad. My Mam passing down the pure songs of protest, peace, love and unity of Bob Marley and Drum’n’Bass, among so much more and not least the old Geordie folk singalongs burned into my head by my Grandpa. Cushie Butterfield? Anyone?… But, as much as I love and cherish all of this, these were all hand-me-downs.

My first venture into finding music for myself was the absolutely seminal, undeniable classic, ground-breaking, and historical album… “The Smurfs go pop”. And although it is painfully cringy and silly in hindsight, it was special because it was mine. Although it was my only novelty record by tiny blue fictional characters it opened the floodgates. And not too long later I was swapping my prized quad-clutched stunt yo-yo (if you’re of a certain age you’ll understand the gravity of this transaction) for Green Day’s KERPLUNK album.
Liam (Bassist)

I was plunged down the rabbit hole of Punk Rock in all its forms (Too many bands to name!).

I had already had Nirvana passed down from my brother but this led me to all the Dc Hardcore and Alternative rock that had inspired them And unlike the virtuosic rock’n’roll I’d grown up with there was the feeling that anyone can do it. I’d always wanted to play guitar like my dad and grandpa, but ultimately this led me to actually pick up the guitar, bass, drums and just about anything I could get a hold of. And forming the ‘Jack of all trades master of nowt’ I have become!

Pixies really drove this home with their simple but effective structures coupled with off-the-wall lyrics and vocal performances, Kim Deal’s infectious Bass lines and that coveted loud quiet loud formula never fails to give me goosebumps and to this day will always be an unfathomable well of inspiration. My own writing is very informed by this and I always try to adopt a “simple but effective” ethos when writing Basslines to compliment our songs.
Liam (Bassist)

Dave Grohl
As far as drummers go, my key influence has always been no other than Dave Grohl. As a player, his power and passion behind a kit is something I’ve always tried to incorporate into my playing style and hopefully, that shows! Nirvana are one of my favourite bands, so this is obviously where the admiration began, but I can’t name a single thing that Dave has drummed on that I don’t like. It’s not a coincidence that my favourite Queens of the Stone Age album is Songs For The Deaf, and my favourite Nine Inch Nails album is With Teeth – both of these albums stood out to me because of the incredible work from Dave on the drums.
Ben (Drummer)

As far as bands go, for me it’s the band Reuben. Not only was their music incredible, but the story behind the band and the struggles they went through to get their music out there is nothing short of inspirational. Their persistence and DIY approach to making music is so relatable to the thousands of other artists out there trying to be heard and to achieve what they did almost entirely on their own should be an example to all artists out there today.
Ben (Drummer)

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