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Newcastle-based indie-rock trio Big Romance drop their second track of 2024, Sickner. The song was recorded at Polestar Studios, with in-house engineer and long-time collaborator Alex Blamire, and was produced by Paul Gregory (Lanterns Of The Lakes). The track was written for those who just need a break from the hassles of daily life and is delivered via driving rhythms, free ‘n’ frenzied guitar sounds and deadpan spoken word mixed with infectious shouty hooks. It’s a fun-filled three and a bit minutes that seems destined for repeated plays on radio and streaming sites everywhere.

Here, the band try to give us a flavour of their new song, using three tracks by other artists…

Yuck – Get Away
I think it was a pivotal moment for us during a demo writing session we said, ‘Should we just go full yuck?’ And we kicked on the fuzz pedal and wrote the hook for our song High On You. We all put Yuck’s first album on a pedestal as an example of how to write really dynamic and engaging music while treading the borders of pop-rock, shoegaze and post-punk, something we think can really be seen in the music we’re putting out this year.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonnaise
When coming up with EP 2 we’d have weekly songwriting sessions where we’d have a couple of beers, listen to tunes and write our own. One of the songs Greenup played when we had a break was Mayonnaise from Siamese Dream. The album as a whole has definitely shaped the sound of what’s to come, we found on this song specifically it was really interesting hearing loud, saturated guitars but with a slow, ballad-type feel. We harnessed this on our song self-medicate which is on the upcoming EP, flitting between dreamy melodies and an all-out wall of sound fuzz.

Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
The huge rise of Wet Leg in the last few years has really reassured us that the type of music we’re making can get big radio play and garner a huge following. Their style definitely draws from similar artists with a US guitar sound married with a British sense of humour. Our song Sickener owes a lot to this track from tempo to vocal delivery, while still taking cues from 90’s grunge and slacker rock.


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