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The Tyneside Cinema is marvellous. Without it, Japanophiles like myself would have to squint at small-screens that really don’t do the intricacy and artistry of the anime genre justice. As part of their Japan season they will show Short Peace, an eclectic collection of four short films that cover a comprehensively typical selection of themes. Although not a deeply religious country, Japan has a long and complex relationship with the afterlife, and the first, Possessions, features an other-worldly spirit who confronts a traveller at an abandoned shrine.

The second, Combustible, features the strongly held Japanese concept of honour. Set in ancient Japan, this is a story of love and firefighting, a common vocation in feudal Nippon. In the third film, Gambo, the fascination with large furry beasts is revisited, think Totoro. In this tale is a mysterious white bear appears to protect the Japanese royal family from an evil red demon. The final film, A Farewell to Weapons, is the futuristic, robot laden tech-fest that simply couldn’t be left out. Set in apocalyptic Tokyo (sound familiar?), a rag-tag bunch of soldiers fight off robotic tanks intent on destruction. Award-winning and spellbinding, this a must for anime lovers and sceptics alike.

Short Peace screens at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on Wednesday 4th March.

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