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Hurrah! After a little time away from our silver screen, Candle & Bell’s short film night at the Tyneside Cinema is returning for another night of celluloid delights. This time, they’re celebrating films made by women with an evening filled with award winning short flicks.

It kicks off with Lucy Campbell’s controversial film Pig Child, the story of a woman who, using science and stem-cell research, artificially inseminates herself with a half-human half-pig embryo. The edgy sci-fi horror, described as Cronenburg meets Frankenstein, is an oddly affecting piece that has the power to shock and move in equal measure. The Candle & Bell-produced The Lost Girl follows, which looks at the tale of a girl who must save her baby sister from the dark fantasy world she herself created. Isabelle Sieb’s German film Mannequins is a powerful psychological thriller that borders on being a version of Black Swan set in the fashion industry, while Good Night by Muriel D’Andembourg tracks two 14-year-old girls as their childhood innocence is threatened by awakening sexuality during a night out. Rounding off the night is System by Amelia Stendom, a film about anxiety, irrational behaviour and the never-ending quest to discover a non-domestic space.

The films are followed by a Q&A session with the directors themselves, shedding light on the concepts behind the films and what inspired them to create the mini masterpieces.

Candle & Bell’s short film night takes place at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on Monday 5th October.

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