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The term “romantic comedy” fills any sane man with dread. However, this French offering is less Hollywood and more Dakar. Samba Cissé, played by Omar Sy (X:Men, The Intouchables) is an emigrant from Senegal, who for ten years has been grafting away in France for bottom dollar (or Euro, nowadays), while Alice, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg (Jane Eyre, daughter of Serge Gainsbourg, troubadour), is a senior executive suffering the rigours of the rat race.

With neither of them happy with their lot, they try to find a way out of the drudgery of daily life. Inevitably, they are brought together and the romance begins. While humourous, it also highlights the plight of Senegalese migrants in France and therefore adds some political comment into the mix. Featuring a well-written soundtrack, this film serves as a good antidote to the usual vomit-inducing schmaltzy Hugh Grant, Colin Firth or, god forbid, Jennifer Aniston romantic comedies we are usually subjected to.

Samba begins screening at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 8th May.

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