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Rosewater, the controversial first film by political satirist Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show fame, follows the true story of London-based Canadian-Iranian journalist Maziar Behari and his struggle with Iranian authorities. Following his report on violence towards protestors at Iran’s presidential election and an interview on the aforementioned Daily Show, Behari is detained in Iran and subjected to 118 days of fierce interrogation. While his pregnant fiancé waits, he is accused of spying and affiliating with enemies of the state and attempts are made by sweet smelling interrogator ‘Rosewater’ to systematically break him down.

Kim Bodnia plays the interrogator, and anyone who watched the Scandinavian Noir series The Bridge will know what an excellent actor he is. Behari is played by Gael Garcia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries) who pulls off the part brilliantly. This is an enthralling film, and showcases the range of talents debut director Jon Stewart possesses beyond comedy. The fact it is a true account, based on a book written by the main protagonist, only adds to the intensity of the story. The production is gritty and lifelike, drawing you in as if you are part of the protests and subsequent events. You don’t need to be politically minded to enjoy this film; a brain and a heart will suffice.

Rosewater begins screening at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on Friday 8th May.

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