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Image: Fallope & The Tubes

Walking into the space containing A Bodyssey Odyssey is like walking into a surreal, ironically humorous, whimsical sketchbook. Bright, block colours fill the space, the walls are covered with drawings done in a crude, simplistic style with thick lines and minimal tone. These represent mainly female body parts, but also depict phrases such as: “Chuck It Up”, “Listen To Your Hunches”, “Body Talk” and “Gut Feeling”.

Pester & Rossi’s exhibition is not solely confined to the wall space however, in the middle of the floor are dozens of sculptures that are mostly meant to be interactive. Giant hands with block-coloured fingernails; bodies with udders in the shape of female breasts; a conglomerate of musical instruments roughly taped and nailed together, hooked up to a record player which plays a distorted Sinatra-style tune.

The connection between the artwork and the audience is a focus for the show; one sculpture contains signs of roughly written instructions for the spectator to make their own piece out of the materials provided, pieces which it is explained will be used in the artist’s performance, which will take place on Saturday 26th November. Also joined by contributing artists Belinda Gilbert Scott, Sarah Kenchington, Stasis and art band Fallopé and The Tubes, it’s expected the evening will be fitting culmination for the exhibition, featuring all manner of bizarre costumes and props that celebrate the body, self-expression and cosmic connections.

Pester & Rossi’s exhibition will be exhibited at BALTIC 39, Newcastle until Sunday 11th December.

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