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Holly Hendry’s huge, multi-media sculptures are cartoonish, oozing and endlessly fascinating. Her new exhibition Wrot, showing at Gateshead’s BALTIC until Sunday 24th September, explores the insides of things ordinarily not thought about – in fact, much of Hendry’s work looks like cross sections or 3D diagrams of organs and layers of the earth’s crust.

Mixing together materials such as jesmonite, wood, plaster, foam, steel, and water-jet cut marble, the resulting structures have bulbous and squishy-looking outsides, framed by severe edges. Her pastel, sugary colour scheme coupled with comic elements of dog bones and spinning dentures, addding a humorous edge to works that make you instinctively want to touch them (you probably shouldn’t though). The style is reminiscent of 3D bubble letters and melting rubber, as the different parts fuse into one another in a very viscous way.

According to the BALTIC: “She investigates the underneath and backsides of things, revealing their dirty innards.” Her sculpture is interested in the gut, the intestines, the bulges and creases and folds of flesh-like textures mixed with smooth, surgical wood and steel. ‘Simple and satisfying’ is containing compact, worm-like shapes that smash and meld together satisfyingly and effortlessly, straining to break free and unfold. One thing’s for sure – it’s definitely worth checking out.

Wrot is at Gateshead’s BALTIC until Sunday 24th September.

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