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Noise rock provocateurs No Teeth have come through with more blistering experimentation on a brand spanking new release, bringing you two juicy cuts. The appropriately titled: 1930’s Graphic Design Menopause is quite the package; providing the kind of delivery your local posty might stand two metres away from, you know, just to be on the safe side.

The Tom Wolfe-esque title track is a red flare of sorts, rallying/warning listeners of impending doom. “The cold war is never over” is heard multiple times on the chorus, as the erratic percussion keeps the track marching forwards amidst a barrage of guitars and keys — honestly, stick this on the Bridge of Spies (2015) soundtrack and not one person would complain, not one.

B-side Savers Teabags is a different kettle of fish, a song that has no deep meaning other than to pay homage to the nations favourite bargain (or your money back). It’s the shorter track on offer here, which isn’t to say it isn’t worth trying. If you were to ever describe No Teeth to the novices out there, then this is the song to show them, it’s pure pandemonium and it has no right to be as fun as it is.

A quarantine release that best encapsulates our ever-growing (lockdown-induced) cabin fever — be sure to check out 1930’s Graphic Design Menopause at your earliest convenience for all your off-kilter audio needs. Also, props to Sheffield-based indie label Blank Expression for releasing this one, and here’s to many more.



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