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There was cause for celebration on Saturday 12th March, as No Teeth brought their newest creation, kicking and screaming, to life. The New Nuisance is the latest perverse offering from Newcastle’s noisiest six-piece and they were in typically unruly form, with frontman Dobbly Groast, aka Sam Spencer-Whitbread, particularly at loggerheads with himself.

The syndicate discharged a cacophonous blend of post-punk, noise pop and avant-garde stylings to digest, as each representative wallowed in the absurd skronk with intoxicated glee. The jarring setlist bubbled with decadence and incorporated the gloriously squalid Everything’s Better Than Meat Night (listen very carefully to interpret this bastion of filth), scuzzy, trumpet-fuelled EP opener Failing at DE, as well as emphatic hit single 1930’s Graphic Design Menopause. Ousecore’s finest served up a grimy platter of frenzied guitars, guttural vocals and clattering drums and percussion, that coalesced into a drug-addled furore. This was the third time I’d laid witness to these provocateurs in the after times and was easily the most enjoyable; the DIY aesthetic of ZEROX’s new Shooting Gallery, complete with shuddering floorboards that felt like they could cave in at any moment, complimented the febrile hodgepodge on stage perfectly. Long live The New Nuisance and the chaos that ensues wherever its seeds are sown.

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