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Sex, pills and happily ever afters, The Grambags are selling all sorts with their debut single – the appropriately titled Afters.

Lines like “After the afters, the pills and the laughter and my mind’s spilled out on the floor” and “So don’t complain about the mess, Cause we’re all twenty-something once and really couldn’t care less” do my job for me in outlining exactly what this song is about and who is likely to pick up the 18+ references throughout.

How can I describe this tune for people who don’t live this type of live free, ride hard lifestyle? I’d definitely compare them to the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when it comes to how punchy/hazy everything feels. It hits like shotgunning a bottle of whiskey in one go. Lyrically, put it this way: you can tell these lads are local and know how to entertain (or remind you of nights you’d rather forget).

Afters won’t be bumping its way up the charts anytime soon, which was never the point I imagine. The only bumps this song is taking are on the back of a Rush Hour 2 DVD in some random’s kitchen at 4 in the morning.

This is the ultimate afters anthem made by those who take their craft very seriously. Sessioners (and hard-hitting rock fans), this one’s for you.


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