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The fair city of Newcastle is one with a fascinating history that most of us go largely unaware of. Tyneside Cinema is presenting a fantastic opportunity to correct that, with the upcoming Newcastle On Film events starting on Sunday 6th December and ending on Tuesday 8th December.

The film is a journey through Newcastle’s growth and development over the last 100 years, with looks at the faces, places, industries and events that shaped it. The iconic Tyne Bridge, busy and bustling Quayside Market, Saturday nights out in town and stories of our shipbuilding history all play their part in this century’s worth of films collected together as one.

The journey starts in the earliest days of film making, 1901, as the Newcastle Fire Brigade turn out. There’s trips to The Hoppings on the Town Moor, sights of a Suffragette demonstration, the Magpies bringing home the FA Cup in the 1950s, the nightclubs of the 1960s and 70s, to the arrival of the metro system that brings lots of us into the city every day.

All footage comes from the North East Film Archive, who have collated this incredible footage, and the screenings are a presentation of sights, sounds, faces and places that have shaped Newcastle into being the city it is today.

Graham Relton, North East Film Archive Manager said: “The biggest challenge to curating the screenings has been what to leave out; there’s so much fantastic material, but we’ve selected a great range of content – a must for all Geordies and who knows, people might even spot a familiar face.”

Mark Dobson, Chief Executive of Tyneside Cinema, was similarly enthusiastic “what is so fantastic about screenings like Newcastle on Film is the opportunity to connect local people to film collections made in or about the places they grew up, live and work in today.”

There are four screenings in total, one of Sunday 6th December, two on Monday 7th December and the final showing on Tuesday 8th December.

A must for all Geordies, and will leave you beaming with pride for your fair city before you enter back into the hustle and bustle of a city continuing to grow its history.

Newcastle On Film is at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle from Sunday 6th December until Tuesday 8th December.

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