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Do you remember the small stories by the likes of Yazujiro Ozu that were so contained and filled with emotion? How Tokyo Story was essentially just a tiny tale about the life of a family but somehow managed to be beautiful and intensely engaging? Despite its title, which makes it sound a bit more like a fluffy rom-com, My Little Sweet Pea has been drawing extensive comparisons to those masterful Japanese movies thanks to its bittersweet narrative of family and loss.

Aspiring voice actor Mugiko, who is also obsessed with anime, has her life turned upside down when her estranged mother reappears out of the blue. When her mother suddenly dies a short time later, Mugiko (the titular sweet pea) travels to her home town, encountering the locals and learning that she held local celebrity status. Directed by Keisuke Yoshida, the film contains fun animated sequences from the studio that brought us anime masterpiece Ghost In The Shell and presents a lovingly warming tale. It’s by no means a flashy, action-packed movie filled with intrigue but its homely drama will melt your heart.

My Little Sweet Pea screens at the Tyneside Cinema on Sunday 1st March.

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