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Young love isn’t easy and a lot of the time it results in some major crushes that just end up, well, crushing. First love is such a big part of our lives that it’s no wonder that it’s such a big theme in many movies, but rarely do films surrounding the subject come with such a hard and quirky edge.

Thomas Cailley’s new film Les Combattants centres on a mild mannered young boy as he crosses paths and falls in love with a mysterious and beautiful teenage girl. She also happens to be apocalyptically minded, brusque and completely determined to join a boot camp to learn survivalist skills. Determined to get the girl, our hero predictably follows her into training, where hilarity ensues. This comedy might leave you feeling a bit sorry for our young protagonist at times as he follows his heart but there’s enough wit and light-hearted spirit in the off-the-wall love story to keep anyone entertained.

Les Combattants comes to Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle from Friday 19th June.

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