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Even if it’s just been by chance, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen an old health awareness advert that’s made you snigger or cringe a bit at the dated science or approach to certain illnesses and issues. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t all that long ago when smoking was considered good for you; even the doctors smoked in their offices. Nowadays, we’re used to seeing shock campaigns telling us about the dangers of smoking, drinking and eating too much junk food, but the Tyneside Cinema is taking a look back at how we used to tackle these issues in a unique, one-off event.

Journeying through the archives of the Wellcome Trust, the showcase of old public health films will be making us ask such vital questions as what’s keeping Mr. Dawson so busy and if we’d call our children fat. There’s a more serious side to the event though, as a panel of experts will be navigating the adverts and sorting fact from fiction and the silly from the simply dangerous. It’s set to be a fascinating insight into our society and the health system.

Health, Lies and Videotape is at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on Monday 13th July.

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