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Straight off the slagheap and into the winner’s circle, Dark Horse is the Sundance-winning tale about a horse born and bred in an allotment in Wales who goes on to make it big in the national races.

Barmaid at the local men’s club Jan Vokes takes her knack with show dogs and racing pigeons and has a go with a bigger beast, starting by gathering a handful of fellow locals in one of the poorest mining valleys in Wales. Forming a syndicate, they club together £10 each a week to feed, raise and train a racehorse. Filled with ambition, they name the foal Dream Alliance. With a lot of love and labour, they turn the product of a failing mare and an ageing stallion into a champ.

Chronicling a working class leap into the “sport of kings,” it’s yet another flick with a true story stamp and a horse as a lead. However, it is set to be a genuinely heart-warming story not just about a nag, but about the people whose hopes are riding on his back.

Dark Horse starts screening at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 17th April.

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