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Hosting a major art festival like SIRF every year means weird and wonderful pieces of performance art popping up in unexpected places is something that Stockton quite enjoys. A town that consistently punches above its weight in its cultural offering once again delivers with a work of art inspired by the river that flows through it.

In 2018, River Tees Rediscovered invited artists to submit applications to develop a new piece of work inspired by the vanished houseboat community of Greatham Creek (a tidal creek between Stockton and Hartlepool). From all the applications boat-house-theatre from Tom Adams and Dan Scott was selected and they set about converted a one-hundred-year-old fishing boat into a replica houseboat that will host performances of a theatre show, music, poetry and film, as well as doubling up as a place of remembrance to this lost community.

The boat will appear in Stockton high street on Thursday 25th April and a series of pay what you decide events will take place from 10am on Friday 26th April and Saturday 27th April, where the artists themselves will be sharing what they learnt about the once thriving, but now vanished community of people who once called the houseboats their home.

“We have our own story to tell, but it will be one of many about the past, present and future of Teesside.  We are visitors here, bringing our boat, and we’re looking forward to inviting everyone on board.” said artist Dan Scott.

Tickets are pay what you decide and are available from ARC’s website.


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